How it works


BiFlorica allows our buyers to purchase flowers directly from Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Spain. We keep looking for more growers from different countries to join the platform. If you are interested in products of any farm we still don't work with, please, inform our managers. We will cooperate with the farm as soon as possible.


We discuss the logistics with all new clients. Initially, the price on BiFlorica includes the delivery from grower to cargo agent. Further logistic chain depends on the client's needs. If a client already works with one of transport companies, we contribute to the timely delivery to the mentioned company. If you don't not have such an experience, our experts offer the best solutions based on good price, quality and reliability.


We asume all settlements with the growers. You don't need to send a lot of payments to diferent farms. It is enough to make only one payment to us. Thus, you reduce your expenses - bank comissions and time.


Buyers pay a commission for each transaction made within the system. The commission depends on monthly purchases volume. Minimum commission is 2%. Procurement process automation allows us to minimize resources to provide our customers with minimum commission.

Flower Quality Control

We provide flower quality control. It is carried out at farms and as soon as being received by cargo agency. If needed, we can adjust full control of chosen positions. For example, if you buy flowers at a new farm.


In case you are not satisfied with the quality of flowers, we negotiate your claim with the farm or cargo agency. If the claim is accepted, you receive the refund.